What we do

We advise, and create economic value for local economies of our partners through robust climate finance solutions, managing risks, and mitigating climate risks. We believe that value comes from thinking sustainably, leveraging local knowledge, and bringing new technologies to create lasting impact to communities.

We understand climate change, technology, markets, finance, and collaboration. We utilize this knowledge to provide technical assistance and practical implementation for the following:

  • We structure Investment Funds, Financing Facilities, and Project Financing

  • We assess and evaluate markets, their risks, and develop tailored strategies for those markets

  • We help provide access to public financing, and provide sectoral focused pragmatic solutions

Global Themes

We operate across various markets offering a diverse array of capabilities, all focused on improving how public and private sector players collaborate towards climate issues, and investment opportunitites.

  • Design and set up of climate funds

    We structure wholesale funding platforms using blended finance scenarios, and design and set up climate related investment funds.

  • Project and corporate finance advisory

    Understanding the risks, opportunities, and viability of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects is core to our work.

  • Sustainable energy finance

    We advise Development Financial Institutions on setting up sustainable energy finance and advisory facilities to scale investments in climate areas.

  • Public-private partnerships

    Developing innovative partnerships between public and private players focusing on blended finance structures in renewable energy and waste management.

  • Technology transfer

    Technology is instrumental to combating climate change. We mobilize and provide technical expertise, and source technology solutions through our technical partners in Europe and Asia.

  • Greening of financial institutions

    Climate related sectors require unique expertise to design, set-up and operationalize innovative investment facilities. We assist Financial Institutions, and local banks to mitigate climate risk and exploit economic value.

  • Climate and gender

    The most vulnerable are most affected by climate change. We have a strong commitment to design innovative and commercial financing products and programs that reduce exposure to risks in developing countries, and reduce vulnerabilities faced by women.

  • Energy access

    We seek to increase access to energy in areas where it is most needed. We design innovative financial instruments and technology solutions to increase the potential economic upside for users as a result of this access.


We work across of variety of industries and provide a wide range of expertise to compliment specific sector needs. These are the pillars of our work, and where we provide the most value for our clients.

  • Renewable energy Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal

  • Resource efficiency Green buildings, resource efficiency, retrofitting, innovative technologies

  • Waste management Agri-waste, food-waste, e-waste, residential, water treatment

  • Supply chain risk adaptation Resource maximization, optimization, insurance

  • Clean-tech applications Technology investment, blended solutions, supply-chain optimization

  • Forestry Sustainable management, investment, resilience


We leverage decades of investment experience in business and project development with a clear focus on climate. Our team is uniquely focused on collaboration and learning, creating opportunities and synergies to address the complex challenges our clients face in emerging markets.

  • Joumana Asso

    Managing Director

    Joumana has over 20 years of investment and advisory experience in emerging markets, including 11 years executing project and corporate finance deals in the heavy industry and equity investments in clean technology start-ups at the International Finance Corporation, and nine years in managing investment funds in climate related assets, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean technology, forestry and climate adaptation, at the World Bank, the Climate Investment Funds, and the private sector.

    Prior to founding Clima Capital Partners, Joumana contributed to setting up the private sector function, and managed the overall private sector portfolio and mandate of the Climate Investment Funds. She also coordinated and managed activities of the Clean Technology Fund’s operations in 2009-2011.

    In parallel to developing a portfolio of advisory and investment activities for CLIMA, Joumana has served as a Senior Advisor to the Green Climate Fund’s Private Sector Facility in 2016-2018.

    Joumana holds an MBA from HEC and a DESS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montreal. She has executed transactions and business development in China, India, the Balkans, East Africa, South Africa, and the MENA region.

  • Lawrence McGrath

    Advisory Board Member

    Lawrence has over twenty years of private equity experience in middle market buyouts primarily in infrastructure and clean energy projects, either through direct investments and co-investments or by establishing consortium of well aligned investors.

    Lawrence has acquired and developed green infrastructure projects in central and Western Europe. He also has extensive experience with Western European companies in developing investments for transportation and power generation, solar, wind and run of river hydro projects.

    Lawrence’s career began with the acquisitions of State-owned electric distribution and power companies in Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia during the 1990’s. As a result, he is familiar with contracted power generation projects and regulated utilities.

    Responsibilities included origination, shareholder agreement negotiations, deal structuring, due diligence, financial analysis, strategic sales and fund management. Member of the investment committee and Board representative for the companies acquired under his leadership.

  • Subrata Mitra

    Advisory Board Member

    Subrata has over 20 years of experience in multi asset portfolio management; traded securities (stock, bonds and commodities); derivatives; private credits; private equity/alternative investments and PE fund management. He has extensive transaction experience in a range of industries in several Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Subrata worked for major multi-lateral and multinational organizations that include International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank, Royal Dutch/Shell and Global Investment House- Kuwait. Closed/managed investment of over US$1 billion; and managed a US$500 million private equity fund listed on the Main Market of London Stock Exchange (led the launching and listing of the fund). Currently Subrata works for one of the largest Family Offices of Oman.

    Subrata’s sector expertise include pharmaceuticals, biotech, photovoltaics, information technology, electronics, hospitality, cement, automobile and auto-component, steel, packaging, paper, fiberglass, education, banking, trade finance, leasing, housing finance, consumer finance, development finance and impact investments. He held many senior management positions. Subrata has been a board member of several listed and unlisted companies in both financial and manufacturing sectors. Subrata has a Masters in Risk Management from the NYU Stern School of Business, an MBA in Finance from the IBA, the Dhaka University and a Masters in Accounting (with Honors) from the Dhaka University.

  • Nicholas Kingston

    Strategy & Investment

    Nicholas has over 12 years of private and public sector experience leading teams through the entire life cycle of change, from vision to execution. His primary area of focus has been in the field of renewable energy and climate change. He worked on complex multi-stakeholder projects designing business models, financial strategies, and data / IT strategies for large consortiums and Multilateral Development Banks. He co-founded an advisory and design group, working with institutions such as the World Bank Group, UNICEF, European Union, and Caribbean Utility providers on Data and Knowledge Strategies that helped improve decisions, investments, and data sharing. Nicholas brings a unique perspective combining his experience in renewable energy infrastructure projects, and strategy advisory, and open data and knowledge initiatives.

    Mr Kingston has an MBA from the American University, Kogod School of Business – Washington DC.

  • Andrea Bacher

    Climate Investment Funds & Strategy

    Andrea Bacher has over 15 years of work experience with international organizations and the private sector, including the International Chamber of Commerce, the Business and Climate Summit Association, the United Nations, the German Development Agency (GIZ), and private companies and sector associations.

    She developed and managed projects, national policy reviews, business tool development, knowledge sharing platforms, advocacy, trainings and outreach campaigns on topics related to environment, climate change, energy, green economy, sustainable tourism, responsible sourcing of natural resources and sustainable development in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America for the public and private sector. She also led global private sector initiatives for multiple major UN conferences, such as the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development and the UN Climate Change Conference in 2015 (COP21).

    Andrea has served as the global focal point for the private sector to the United Nations Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC, 7 years), as private sector observer to the Green Climate Fund (5 year) and the Climate Investment Funds (5 years), and was a member of the steering committee of UNEP’s International Resource Panel (6 years).

    She holds a LLM in International Business Law from the Queen Mary University London, a LLM in French and European Law from the Sorbonne University Paris, a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development Management from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris (HEC Paris), and a diploma in Business Economics from the University of Applied Sciences of Central Switzerland.

  • Angy Akke Del Pino

    Climate Finance Advisory

    A climate change professional with expertise & knowledge of climate change & climate finance frameworks. Worked on several projects with particular focus on MRV systems, carbon footprints and the design of climate change mitigation and adaptation action plans in Latin America and the Caribbean Region and Central Europe. Leads business strategy and planning including development and design of projects in the field of climate finance, climate change mitigation and adaption, capacity building and stakeholder engagement.  Senior positions at international climate change consulting firms and previous work in the United Nations.

  • Rachel Stern

    Climate Finance Advisory

    Rachel has over nine years of experience in climate finance, environmental consulting, sustainability, and research. She has an expertise in climate change issues with focus in renewable energy investments on both the local and international level.

    Prior to joining Clima, Rachel worked at the World Bank structuring funds to promote private sector investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean technology, and climate adaptation.

    Rachel has a background in economics and also spent several years conducting macroeconomic research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

    Rachel has an MBA from IE Business School (Madrid, Spain) and is a Fulbright Scholar.

We are strategically positioned in key markets, we operate globally, and are headquartered in Washington DC.